The Apocalyptic Rendezvous.

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It took her a moment,

a moment to realise who he was.

It had been a millennium since they had

been so close.

He moved toward her,

gliding and gleaming.

He fought the thunder and the rain,

for his warmth could barely be contained.

His love for her was much greater than 

the god’s creation,

he promised to protect.

He fought and walked.

Every step towards her,

meant the slow and steady death

of god’s greatest creation.

He could see destruction,

but barely.

For his eyes were on her.

God had told them 

“this was a reward, 

not a punishment”

And for a million years they believed him.

Now he couldn’t see reason.

He couldn’t see why,

He couldn’t understand how,

He was mind-struck by the mere lies god had said.
He walked. He fought.

God came.

They talked.

But then again he walked.

He walked over the human race.

He saw the kids that died.

He saw god’s golden tear.

But all that he really saw,

was his lover at the end if the horizon.

His lover stood there.

She was so beautiful.

She was glowing in the wedding gown,

that she’d sworn never to take off

till they got married.

“Oh soon!”, he said.

He walked, quickening his pace.

Over the years his powers had increased.

“But surely I couldn’t hurt her”

“Oh soon!”, she said.

She’d spent all her life waiting for him.

Over the years her powers had increased.

“But surely I couldn’t hurt him”

And they both finally met.

It was an instant death for both.

As Moon was Ice,

and Sun was Fire.

Why love.

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The sensation of love

Burnt through my body,

Like a forest fire;

Too much, too fast,

And almost incapable of being extinguished.

You warned me not to,

Hell, everyone did;

You said you were toxic,

Poison even,

But I swear you felt like elixir.

The minutes of anguish are too many,

There are no butterflies in my tummy.

I’m fucking scared. 

Scare of what?

Rejection. Commitment.

But most of all,

Losing you.

Maybe I can hide it.

Maybe, it’s not it.

Maybe I just love the attention.

But what haunts me is,

What if it is?

Magnetic Pull

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What is the magnetic pull?
It’s your parched throat in the morning,

Craving water, 

 After a night of drunken adventures.
It’s that drop of water separated

From the ocean,

That evaporated,

Because of the sun’s harsh rays.
It’s the last flame of a burning fire,

Almost out, 

It’s the warmth that it gives.
It’s your lungs craving oxygen,

On drowning in murky waters.
It’s the burn of the first shot of vodka,

You know you’ll come back for more.
It’s the cracked earth,

In the deserts,

Praying for the rains to pour.
What’s the magnetic pull, you ask? 

Oh, it’s a great deal of craving, wanting and desiring. 

It’s what you feel in the absence of things.

Oh, it’s what I feel for you. 



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I lay on the grass on a cold night, looking up at the stars, alone or with someone, it doesn’t really matter.  I imagine that when I look up, I’ll only see happy moments, important people and things that once made me smile. Because now, I only see regret. Now, my eyes swell up. I see missed chances, people lost and relationships that I failed. 

It is my fantasy, that one day, I will look up at the stars and not cry, because my heart will finally be happy.


If I had all the happiness in the world. 

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If I had all the happiness in the world,

I think I’d miss my tears,

My constant representation of the ocean.
If I had all the happiness in the world,

I’d miss the nights I stayed up,

Stressed out of my mind.
If I had all the happiness in the world,

My anxiety would trade my soul,

With the devil

For a grain of sadness.
If I had all the happiness in the world,

I’d probably find a way to give it all away.

I’d find a way to be sad again,

Because I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

If I had all the happiness in the world,

I’d trade it,

All my experience with happiness is just a farce,

So I’d let it all go,

Just for the familiar feeling of sadness. 


Time Machine.

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I want to go back to my paper planes,

To the skies when they were blue.

Now they’re grey,

With the remains of war.
I want to go back to my Kites,

Which once were so colourful and bright;

Now they’re overpriced and redundant.
I want to go back to my toys,

Oh! How they spoke.

Now there’s just silence in the 

Kids room.
I want to go back and how,

To simpler times,

Where there was joy and colour.

And peace and love.
But maybe, 

The simpler thing to do,

Would be to just wish for a time machine? 


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The word is so brutal. So final. Like the last leaf of fall, flying in the wind to some faraway land. How do you say goodbye? How do you say goodbye to someone who meant the world to you? How do you say goodbye and disappear? I wish I had the heart to say goodbye more often. 

I don’t. And it breaks my heart, more than any goodbye. 



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“What’s your greatest fear?”,

They ask.

“Spiders”, I lie.

I know its regret.

Regret, that somewhere,

I’ve let people down,

That somewhere,

I’ve made a wrong decision.

Every missed call, 

Ever cancelled rendezvous reeks of regret.

Every unsent text,

Every blocked contact,

Echos regret.

I fear regret, and it engulfs me.

I run away from it,

But I fear,

That someday,

When I’m old and withering,

It’s going to catch up

And I won’t escape.